Found 11th Oct 2017
Low cost. No extra fees.

For under £30, the Roku Express includes a High Speed HDMI® Cable—and there’s no monthly equipment fee. Plus, with access to hundreds of free channels, there’s plenty to stream without spending extra.…ess
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Thanks for sharing @kpearsoncj

I've moved this to misc as a heads up as currently when you click Where to buy it's just advertising as coming soon and no direct purchase.…ck/

If you've no 4K TV sitting in your living room, then the more basic £30 Roku Express (pictured above) is probably all you need. It outputs at a maximum of 1080p, but otherwise has access to all the apps and channels every Roku player does. Finally, something to fill the hole in our hearts Sky carved out when it purged sideloaded apps from Now TV players.

So it looks like there are 2 new Roku products hitting the UK market. The new Express and the new Streaming stick (4k). I wonder how these compare to the Roku 2 and Roku 3?
so its the old streaming stick where you need to connect like a 2 or 3
They were supposed to be released today yet nowhere showing any and all the places selling roku 3's are out of stock so can only presume we won't see them anymore
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