Roku LT Box - Very disappointed!

    I purchased the Roku LT box from a deal on here for my parents for Christmas.

    I specifically asked in the thread if this is the box I needed to watch catchup on all the terrestrial channels and was told yes, you can get all the channels.

    What can you get?

    BBC iPlayer and 5 OD.

    Hmmm, not quite all the channels is it?

    I assume this is all you can get? Is there any way of adding new channels?

    My parents are not interested in Netflix or anything like that, they just wanted the free catchup TV for the soaps and stuff.



    From what I just read online you should be able to get itv, 40d etc etc as well…tml

    You have to add them from the uk channel store or something?

    I dont have one, but I like to solve tech issues.

    Oh they should be able to play angry birds as well, your mum will enjoy that

    btw mr tech, your tone is rather aggresive. Too many shandys yesterday ?

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    I got my parents the Roku Stick, it came with some (barely any) pre-loaded channels and the rest you have to load on...

    It doesn't appear to be the most userfriendly interface to add channels etc but I did manage to add the BBC iplayer which works well, 4OD, 5 On Demand and quite a few others, the only thing I couldn't see was ITV player (although looking online it says it is available)

    I did however discover if you add "NowTV" as a channel it doesn't let you do anything with it, but after a brief look online it would appear that if you sign up to a free trial (30 day) when you cancel the continuation of the subscription it just leaves you the free parts (but you cannot signup just for the free stuff without having a trial)

    Seems good so far, and I downloaded the apps for their iPad and I got the app for my android phone which works well so far...

    As said above, just have a good route around on the "channel store"

    4od , ITV Player, etc are available on the ROKU platform.
    I have them on my ROKU although mine is the ROKU1 but that shouldn't make any difference.
    Have you checked the channel store?

    Original Poster

    Yeah thanks guys, just added the other channels that they wanted. Never even saw the channel store feature at first.

    I take back my initial statement, seems like a cracking box for little money. Just what they wanted.

    I'm not sure if the LT has it but have a look through the menu and see if "enable screen mirror" is on there.

    It allows you to stream what is on for example your tablet onto the tv screen, good for things like Skype calls, or streaming films that you have on a tablet.

    I've got a Roku 3 box for one of my Panasonic TVs that isn't Smart and a Chromecast that is pretty much all you need, picture quality with a Audioquest Pearl 5m HDMI is pretty stunnin', got Audioquest Forest HDMIs 5m for my Blu-rays, I swear by 'em picture quality is stunnin'!
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