Roll Cab type tool box

    Can anybody help? I need a roll cab type tool box for my son who starts his apprentiship next week. Sealey, Snap On, Teng or any others really that do a proffesional type box with ball bearing runners. If anyone has any info I'd really appreciate it. I have tried E-Bay already but there is nothing in our area that he could collect before Monday.



    how about this…htm
    about the same price as a set of snap on spanners be fine to get him started

    Anything ]here or ]here?

    It's not the type I was thinking of - ie the ones you pick up it closes itself but these might do as a starting point.
    Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

    Whats your budget and do you need it with a selection of tools?

    Try E-bay. Go For Snap On, Mac Tools.

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    We have already brought the tools that the garage told him he needs at first, he chose snap on as they have a lifetime guarantee & you know what young lads are like! (also the fact the I was paying probably

    We are thinking of getting a top box for now as its been very short notice (was only told yesterday that he's starting on Monday) & then he can build it up slowly & add a roll cab in a few months time. E-Bay does seem to have the most choice with the most reasonable prices so we will just have to keep a lookout on there I think.

    We have just found a Sealey stockist locally so will have a look there tomorrow.

    Thanks to everyone for your help
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