Rolled mattresses vs standard mattresses - recommendations?

Posted 3rd Nov
I've recently received my £100 Amazon voucher for signing up to the Vodafone Broadband deal a couple of months ago, so I am thinking of possibly using the voucher towards a new double mattress from Amazon.

About 7 years ago, I bought a single Meradiso rolled up mattress for my 5 year-old son's bed (paid about £60 at the time), however, on leaving it to unroll, etc, for a couple of days, it felt absolutely rock hard to sleep on - I tried it out first, and decided that it was way too firm/hard for my son so had to buy a different mattress. Because of that incident I'm a bit dubious about buying another one, but have noticed that many places now sell quite a few of the rolled up mattresses, including Amazon.

I'm just wondering if anybody can recommend a double mattress - standard type or possibly rolled up, that has about a medium firmness - looking to add around up to £150 cash towards the £100 voucher, so around £250'ish in total (possibly could go a little higher), that is actually comfortable to sleep on? Also, what is the best type of mattress for a slatted bed base (what I actually have)?

I've noticed that Black Friday is coming up again on Amazon - did anybody get a good discount/deal for a double mattress last year? I don't know whether to get one now (currently sleeping on a blow up airbed!) or wait until then. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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