Roller blinds - awful finish

    I have just fitted two black out roller blinds from Argos. If you can imagine the blind material wrapped around a toilet roll tube. Well the tube is visible about half an inch each end and looks quite unsightly. Now for £7.00 each would you be bothered or would you expect more?



    cheap skate

    We had the same problem, they don't even keep any light out! So we went to the market and bought enough blackout material to cover the window which cost about 12 pounds and then sewed a hem in at the top and botton and threaded through that net curtain cord to hold it tight to the window. Best money we have ever spent. Now the children fall asleep at a reasonable time rather than at sunset!

    use permanent marker to cover it up.


    top tip.... get sunday`s papers and wet them a bit and stick to windows .. cheap alternative to blinds, plus you can have a read when you want

    You just need to trim to size.

    If you have a TD Textile direct near you, for a few pence more they sell blackout blinds that are good quality with chromed tubes and actually keep the light out, we bought the argos ones too and I got a refund as they was not fit for purpose took some arguing though as they had already been cut and fitted but argued that without doing this I wouldnt know they was crap.

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    I swear I didn't even think to cut off the excess tube....

    Gutted........thought this was a YouTube vid of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder on their skates meeting a messy end thread.

    Fail :x


    I wouldn't expect a lot from Argos for £7, couldn't you have got the … I wouldn't expect a lot from Argos for £7, couldn't you have got the bigger size and trimmed the unsightly bits down?


    Usually with roller blinds you go a little bigger and trim to stop the problem you've got.
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