Romance at the Workplace

    So what do you guys think ... is it taboo?

    New employee is admittedly, eye candy material. Girls fancy the new fella, think they eye competition out. Already some 'mistakes' eg one of the girls trying to snog him on a drunken night out. They all go out have a good time (different departments, same building). He's now asked one of the girls to a date. I wouldn't have a problem if it is kept out of the office and at discretion. I can also imagine there are reasons why (eg boss sleeping with intern type of scenario) or some childish drama when people get dumped LOL ... is this why romance in the office is generally discouraged? Is it actually one of the HR legal stands, or just an office rule? So what do you think.



    Good fun if you ask me :-D

    My mum told me to never eat and poop on the same doorstep!!!!!

    So taboo, plus when you break up with them........cut the air with a knife lol

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    well i imagine, if it gets to that level of drama, they will be spoken with individually as employees ... and if it affects their work, it will probably go to HR level etc.

    You're never going to stop it.

    I had an in house romance years ago. It was very difficult for the poor fellow when I ended it, and he transferred positions to make it easier on himself. I can't say I liked the stress of it, but I know alot of people get a kick out of the idea of getting caught.


    Some work places forbid it, but hey all for the thrill I guess. I met my girlfriend at Tesco where we both worked but in different departments

    romance no , quick fiddle yes ......if ya don't get caught :oops:

    Met my man in work, though he since left so wasn't a problem for us, but there are several couples in our place, some have since married. Its not frowned upon at our place. Maybe when it has to be kept a secret it causes extra stress on the people involved?


    romance no , quick fiddle yes ......if ya don't get caught :oops:

    I wish :oops:

    N.B. hey Kippy, where were you on start of Caturday ??


    hey kippy, at work we have to declare relationships if they become serious... otherwise its all good... i had a thing with another grad and we had training this week...super awkward! my admin is super hot n my team gets jealous cause she brings me home made cakes!soo sweet!

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    I wish :oops:N.B. hey Kippy, where were you on start of Caturday ??…155

    was knackered - the OH has had pneumonia and we went into A&E on thursday after about 3-4 weeks in bed and not much improvement. catching up on sleep.

    ---back to topic
    i dont think it's a big problem if they got serious; just some people have no boundaries and it's a catfight scenario LOL.

    my sis was hanging out with this guy (not going out at that stage) ... and the management actually transferred him to another location! far far away! tbh i think that made them even more resolute to get together LOL

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