Romantic Movies Suggestions

It's my mother's birthday at the end of the month and I'd like to give her a bunch of DVDs of the sappy romantic stuff that mother's generally like. I'm out of the loop when it comes to the more recent films of this genre so anyone have any suggestions please?

Even movies that will induce a woman to tears would be greatly appreciated (My Sister's Keeper had her howling). Thanks.


the notebook
ps i love you

Pulp fiction lol

About Time
The Time Travellers Wife
Aliens X)

Silver Linings Playbook
Me Before You

Labor Day...
Was forced to sit through this but I got some Brownie Points. Was actually decent...
Quite what that all says about me, I don't know.


Silver Linings PlaybookMe Before You

I second Me Before You. Saw the film and loved it. Now reading the book

Original Poster

Thanks for the suggestions! Me Before You sounds perfect. And nothing like Aliens to bring out the maternal side X)

old girl called Untamed Heart and Forever young had my Mrs blubbing like a clubbing thing.

Fifty fist date and sleepless in seattle.

The Time Travellers Wife
The Fault in Our Stars
Dear John
The Wedding Planner
Hope Springs
Jenny's Wedding

It depends on how far back in time you want to go as there is so many. Ones guaranteed to make me smile/ weepy are
- the notebook
- love actually
- bridges of Madison county
- PS I love you
- the holiday
- stardust and so on.

Also the proposal, princess bride, the wedding date, the vow and overboard is good but many yrs old

An Officer and a Gentlemen is my Mum's favourite.
as someone else mentioned earlier Untamed Heart is a rare but good one...

If you really want to make someone blub then Grave of the Fireflies would reduce chuck Norris to a blubbering wreck but it's not a romantic movie
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