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    I could not possibly thank you enough for all your previous help. Now, I am at a loss as to how to spend the oncoming weekend with my other half who is traveling all the way from Moscow. Well, we decided to visit Scotland and I volunteered to become the organizing part of the event. While, I am very familiar with England and Italy, I have never traveled to Scotland and having searched all the possible sources (lonely planet, rough guide included) I admit it's difficult to find some romantic hotel with cosy rooms and nice restaurants located nearby. Just in case you traveled to Edinburgh or somewhere else in Scotland and could possibly express your opinion I would greatly appreciate and value your help and heed your advice. Many thanks and warmest regards, folks.


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    Folks, I have found the answer.
    [url][/url] seems to be taking the matter seriously and offers some great deals on Edinburgh Hotels. I was particularly interested in Carlton and Best Western Edinburgh Capital.

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    Greetings emyronov!You may want to check out this … Greetings emyronov!You may want to check out this site....

    Thank you. I have made the reservation with the Best Western Edinburgh Capital for Executive Room(£190 two nights) with upgrade to GNER First class for £188 (return).

    Sorry to rain on your parade. I was looking for a hotel in Edinburgh and like you found a hotel through (The Bonham - looks yummy!!); however, [url][/url] had the same deal, same dates for less. I contacted within the 24hrs time limit for the best price guarantee they offer and got a refund for the price I paid. If it's not too late you might try for a price match...but for future reference try [url][/url] when looking for hotels.
    Have a great time in Edinburgh!

    sorry guys i didnt see this until now

    [url][/url] is probably the cheapest dinner, bed and breakfast from £25 per night in Edinburgh.

    also dont call the 0870 number! use 01315611239 but PLEASE DONT FORGET TO WITHOLD NUMBER BY DIALING 141 BEFORE IT

    p.s i get deals all the times around scotland. last week I went to a hotel with full leisure facilites for £99 for 4 nights- dinnner, bed, and breakfast!
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