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Found 30th Jan 2007
Anyone know when "Rome" Season 2 is shown on TV in the UK?
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Anyone know when "Rome" Season 2 is shown on TV in the UK?

It has to finish in the US first. I suspect it will be part of their Autumn line-up. Maybe before.

Ridiculous it takes so long, considering it's a BBC co-production! Plus they've already said they're not making any more after this - too expensive.
Hmm... I just watched the entire 1st series in 2 days and now want to find out what happens next!
Read a history book, it's not like the major plot points are secret. ;-)

only the major plot lines though. there's some good cliffhangers (for the smaller plot lines) at the end of the 1st series.
To those who have seen the TV version AND the DVD version.. is it true that the BBC hacked it to pieces?? I've been looking to get the DVD of Rome but I'm waiting for a good deal to come along.... :whistling:

Really enjoyed it the first time around.
You missed out mate - it was £17.99 last month on one of HMV's "Deal Of The Day" promotions in the run up to christmas!

Cheapest now is £23.97 at Amazon.
Dammit!! £18 would have definatley tempted me to get my wallet out.
I'd try eBay - there might be people who bought it at that price and now want to sell it on. It comes in a lovely wooden box!
[SIZE=2]£29.99 at WHSmiths at the moment. Not the best deal available, but worth it IMHO.[/SIZE]
Rome Season 2 is very good so far, won't ever be as good as Season 1 WITH Ceaser though ;-)
how do you know it's good? has it been shown on TV?
It's airing in the US on HBO, yes.
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