ronaldo to win either world or european player of the year!!!

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Found 22nd May 2008
42 goals this season

i believe its a garuntee he wins one or it is a FIX!!

ps quite a handsome fella too (no homo)

pps goodnight everyone im going to dream about him now ..........

mmmmmmmmmmmmm curly gelled back hair mmmmmmmmmm

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I dislike him, but he prolly deserves it.

I would like to think so :-D


I doubt he'll win euro prize as that is normally given to a spanish or italian player. Messi will probably get that. Only once has an english team player won since 1968 (Owen 2001).

No thanks he is sooooo big headed but then again i suppose everyone would be if they were as good a player as he is!!

I support united... hes a prat i dislike him as a person but i love him as a footballer. He SHOULD win at least one of them.

He'll win both, You can't give them anyone else, Ronaldo has been the best in the World this season, Love him or hate him. You can't deny that, How far does he have to go to prove that, Last season he was great and nearly the best, He's continued to improve and has been consistently great all season. He's that good he could create his own team with just himself and call it FC Ronaldo...!!!

He is arrogant, He does go down with the slightest contact, Although if you play by the rule book then 99% of them are genuine fouls. Contact is made with Ronaldo and not the ball, Some say he should be a man but he's a target for bad tackles and the only way to tackle him is illegally. When Gerrard goes down with out any contact made on him no one mentions it, Yet if it's Ronaldo it's a big story?. The biggest diver in the world is Drogba who is built like a man but made of cheese.


He's a big baby & needs a slap

He's more likely to win an award for his bad choice of women!!! :whistling: What must his family think! He may be a great footballer but his off field antics are just as memorable! lol


He's got acne and his hair looks greasy, yuk!

He will win both awards and they will be well and truly deserved.

As with all excellent footballers past and present, its not unusual that he has a touch of arrogance about him.
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