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    I need a bigger car to go camping now that we have a little girl I can't fit everything in the car!

    I don't fancy spending the money on a new car yet although I do need one soon so anyone know a good place to get a roof box & how much I can get them for - I really don't know much about them.

    Also will the roof box I buy easily fit onto any car for when I eventually take the plunge and upgrade by shed on wheels?

    Oh & I have a rover 25 at the mo & am looking at a passat or audi A4 type car next if it matters.



    Tesco have a set off roof bags that hold hugh amounts of stuff i think they are about £40

    are you looking for something that is easy to remove when not in use as these cause alot of fuel consumption and with the price of fuel these days you want to use as little as possible

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    yeah I guess pretty easy to remove would be good - I was more worried about people seeign it on the car overnight and trying to break into it?

    Does this tend to be a problem?

    Although I do about 25miles each way to work so woulnd't want it left on if it's gonna push my fuel usage up!


    modern fade .i have a rooftop box on my be honest your better of with an old fashioned type luggage rack.they don't affect the fuel comp so much and you don,t have to worry about storage.

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    rydebry - I've sent you a pm.

    nickleface - an old fashioned luggage rack sounds a lot cheaper thanks i'll have a look into that too.

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