Found 22nd Feb 2011
hi there just wondering if thers anybody can shed some light on this

strong wind + loose tiles = 2 tiles missing on my roof + several loose

i got quotes between £250 - £350 to replace these

problem is this is my first time doing this. people at work warn me about the skills of the workmen as some claim they can do it but the reality is far from truth

so what should i do? should i go to the proper company and pay that extra £100 or pay £250 for someone i dun know? thanks

p/s also the £250 claim he do not need scaffolding but otheres claim they need to. what will ahppen if the workman fell / accident at my place? am i liable for them? thanks

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you should pay someone that knows what they are doing, so if it means paying a bit more, I know what i'd do.

ask your insurance company who they use you may not wish to claim as it may put up your premium next year but they would at least advise of i would hope a reputabe company,

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i am really torn as the £350 is a comapny

£250 is my husband's cousin 's friend , who is a skilled tradesman.

if i say no now it will cause bad bloood between them . sigh i should have ask here earlier


i am really torn as the £350 is a comapny£250 is my husband's cousin 's f … i am really torn as the £350 is a comapny£250 is my husband's cousin 's friend , who is a skilled tradesman.if i say no now it will cause bad bloood between them . sigh i should have ask here earlier

its a very easy job , am a skilled tradesman [ time served joiner] , it can be done off a ladder and a cat ladder , but i ally scaffold tower would be better and only takes 2o mins to put up, £300 is about right .

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hi yozzman1234

so 250 is not too bad?


hi yozzman1234so 250 is not too bad?

sounds about right 200 to 300 , get them to check all the roof for loose tiles , and if they have a tower scaffold get them to clean your gutters , its no more than 4 hours work .

I lost 1 ridge tile in strong winds last year, claimed off home insurance no problems. No change to premium this year. Might be best way to save money ( no point in having insurance if you don't legitimately make a claim when you need to ) and stop the potential falling out.

I had to pay an excess of £60, which I assume you would have to pay something similar, but you're still quids in

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no scaffold for the £250

i am a woman n my husband will be at work this sat (GREAT )

yozzman1234 is there any way i can tell they had done a great job / ok job / dun know what they doing?

(reason i ask this is i dun really know the cuz )

btw thanks yozzman you been great help !

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my excess is £350 the job will cause less / slightly lower than it

i do try to convince my husband to do it after i renew my home insurance (which will be march) but he is anxious to get it done as he heard horrible story about people putting it off and in teh end has to spend thousand sto repair the whole roof

is it true?

if he is a good tradesman there will be no problem , its a really easy job, if he s just using a ladder to get up to the roof maker sure he uses a cat ladder when he s on the roof or he will break more tiles!!! its best to use a mobile tower scaffold its safer and makes the job easier , £60 to hire one out for the day , make sure you get your moneys worth and he checks all the roof for you and cleans the gutters

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ok thanks
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