Posted 8th Dec 2022
Hi All,

So how much do you reckon to go up onto the roof ( semi detached house ) and fit a chimney pot cowl.

This is a fit only job cos I’ve already got the cowl same as this one…

Edit - Manchester area
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    We had this done earlier in the year also semi detached, we didn't have the cowl already but was charged £50. (edited)
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    Depends if the person doing it values their safety or not.

    £50 if they don't care
    £500 if they do.
    Yup - obviously a roofer does it every day, but I find it mental someone would go up on a ladder to 5-6m height or more, then get on a roofing ladder where your life is dependent on the integrity of someone else's roof, fit a piece of equipment, then get back down for £50.
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    50 quid if name is John wayne
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    Will depend on area best to get a few quotes. 
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    A pic of the roof would be more useful than a pic of the cowl.

    Could be anything from £25 - £100 round us.
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    There is different sizes of cowl so you need to know the width.
    Normal to measure. Go buy one and return and fit.. Have a quick look at roof ect while there.
    £50 would be fair I guess.
    Got to drive to you and get ladders out and put away.
    Might get lucky and guy do it for way less if local and easy to get up (edited)
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    how is it £50 to do a chimney cowl..

    but near £200 to put a curtain pole up for me *

    *prices may have changed, it’s been a few months since I last checked (checkatrade)
    Did the curtain rail need scaffolding?
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    Had 4 chimney pots capped last week for a total of £220, which included the caps.
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    £180 for 4 Pots East Northants approx 3 years ago.
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