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Posted 23rd Jan 2023
I have recently had emergency repairs done on my house but unsure if this is a fair price for this kind of work?
Bearing in mind, the works been done within a week
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    My experience has been that all traders are ripping us off in the name of inflation and due to the losses suffered when there wasn't much work during Covid times.
    Wonder if that explains why all the traders I called (that I'd previously used) about smallish jobs last year told me they were 'taking a break'. Actually I think they just wanted to stay below the VAT threshold but I'll never know. Meantime I've learned via YouTube how to replace tap cartridges, replace a shower control unit, fix a car leak and fix a leak above a ceiling.
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    a bit too late to be asking this question now that the work has been done? for what has been described, i would think it is a fair quote.
    Thank you for the reply
    I trust the price and already paid
    It just felt a bit like buyers regret as it is quite a lot of money and looking for a bit of assurance.
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    If it took them just under a week to do then yeah I’d say the price is fair, had it took them say a couple of days or even less then I’d suggest the price to be a rip off.

    And before anybody pipes up your paying for the experience not the time it takes yes I know this as well
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    They did all that without Scaffolding ?
    Yeah, with the way of our roof you can get up without one
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    Sounds like a good price to me thats a lot of labour.
    Im going to assume you are north as I would have thought this would be 4-5k down south. (edited)
    Yeah, I’m based near Dundee, Scotland
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    Did they retile the entire roof? That pic looks like an old roof?
    Old tiles reused
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