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Found 15th Aug 2017
Hello, I was hoping to get some advice. Our roof has been leaking for over 7 years due to the home renovation being done by cowboys. Unfortunately I was unwell hence getting around to fix it now. We have found a few through checkatrade but I was wondering if I could write my own contract for the roofers to sign, to avoid any problems down the line and if so, how do I go about it? If anyone has done something similar and has a template that would be great. Many thanks
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I wouldn't ask a trades person to sign your own contract. It makes you appear that you don't trust them.
What I would do is ask them to put in writing the points that matter to you, ie they are writing your contract for you.
Always get three quotes with your wishes in each quote.
Try and get someone who is recommended and you have seen their work if possible.
Always make sure their address in on corrispondance. Also the van, sign written is worth points.
Go with your gut feeling dispite being badly let down in the past.
Hope everything works out for you
If you have to get a contract drawn up to insure the work is finished to your standard then i suggest you get a different roofer in to do the work.

You should be comfortable with your choice, get on with them, and trust them to work on your house without you constantly worrying if they are up to no good. I get that you have had bad experiences before but the best way is by word of mouth so go onto forums and see what people are saying in your area. Checkatrade is fine but how many people don't put on bad reviews as they are given cash back by the cowboys in exchange for silence.

I would never draw up my own contract with the guys i use as not only would it be insulting to them, it can also work both ways as they could say that as it wasn't specified in your contract they aren't doing it. It would cost thousands to cover even a small amount of everyday issues in a contract and no roofer worth his salt will sign it as it might cause him issues down the line. That is why company's T&Cs are so long, because they have drawn these contracts up and amended them over the years to suit them.

Save your money and invest it in a reputable firm to do the work.
Thanks All I want is a legal backbone incase things, even 5 years from now go pear shaped. That's all. If I get a contract from them (which legitimate companies should provide anyway) would that cover both of us?
no one will sign a contract that you create. you will need to sign their contract if they issue one so read that carefully before signing.

there are ways to get things in writing without having to issue a formal contract. you can email them or ask them to give you in writing certain promises that you would like, but ask them in a nice way otherwise they will just walk away. traders don't seem to be that desperate for work these days and if they are, more than likely they will be cowboys.

best to get contractors with lots of independent reviews or someone who has been recommended to you. roof contractors are the worst for being dodgy and unreliable in my experience of instructing tradesmen without knowing anything about them, then followed by plumbers.
Might be worth agreeing to hold back some of the cost of the work ( a retention) of say 10% for say 3 months ...just a thought
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