Ross Kemp in search of pirates,

    Must see TV tonight at 9pm on Sky 1,
    Ross Kemp is getting to be the best journalist on Tv,
    This is the kind of thing the BBC should be reporting on
    instead of their obsession with Gordon Brown.


    Nice reminder...cheers.

    sky plus'ing now , thanks for the reminder :thumbsup:

    Shiver me timbers, Ross Kemp is on us lads, raise anchor and set sail!

    Had it on reminder for a while - really looking forward to it

    Never watched the 'On Gangs' - just the 2 Afghan series which were probably the best thing I've ever watched on TV.

    I love his other programmes so will def watch this tonight - thanks!



    Oooh this should be interesting, thanks tonyg1962, didnt know this was on :thumbsup:

    More of the usual "pirates are just as much the victim ........................ feel sorry for a pirate...................... what can we do to help the pirate"
    His Afghan series was excellent but found his "Gangs" series to be a bit patronising.

    For real time info on piracy attacks ]CLICK HERE

    hope his Gangs series returns soon, that is quality.

    I have a friend who has been sailing around the world for the past 2.5 years. In his last email he said he took on the pirates single handedly whilst sailing towards the Red Sea lol

    Spooky advert came on when I refreshed and saw this post.
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