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Posted 14th Apr
I have a small garden (50sq m) on which i want to re-do the lawn as it has damaged due to building work. It has developed some non grass patches, some cement etc. Can you suggest which tiller is best.. I have selected few (just looking to buy as hiring is also around £40-50 around which i can get a new one ...…868…1-3….ds…296

Thank you..
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Depends on your soil and amount of roots if it's tough going the one you have highlighted won't touch it.
I'd hire one - I had about 400m2 to do but even 50m2 is hard work. i hired a Honda petrol rotovator - did the job over a weekend. I've used the type that you've linked above and say they are only good enough for making already broken ground finer - you need something more powerful to break up compacted ground.

The Screwfix model you have linked is just 800W - something like this…tor is 3,730W (5hp) - you're going to need this amount of power!!.
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I've got the screwfix one and it's fantastic. Powered through my garden which was fairly compacted no problem.

I should warn you it tickles a bit. Plus or minus for this you choose

You could always buy one of these use it when you need it and sell it on, this way you're not reliant on the weather on the day(s) you hire,
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