Rough wooden laminate flooring and bathroom tiling quote?

Posted 16th Feb
Hi Guys,

The wife and I are thinking of getting the carpet replaced in our house with laminate flooring and the bathrooms tiled (one into a wet room and the other just the floors tiled)

I was wondering if there's any floorers or tilers on here that could give me a gut estimate as we really don't have any idea of how much it would cost and if we can realistically afford it right now

Room measurements (roughly) are:
Living Room: 6m x 4m
Bedroom 1: 4m x 3.5m
Bedroom 2: 3m x 3m
Bedroom 3: 2.5m x 3m
Hall: 2.5m x 3m

En-suite Bathroom: 2m x 2m (this is the one we'd like to make a wet room)
Bathroom 2: 2.5m x 3m

If possible could the estimate include how much you reckon the average price of tiles would be and decent thickness wooden laminate flooring

Thanks in advance, we're just a bit out of our depth and don't want to get someone local round to estimate if we can't even realistically afford it right now.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
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I can’t help with costs but the following should help:

1. I’ve used laminate flooring from B&Q, they do lots of styles, thicknesses and you should find one you fine, use the same style for all the rooms and you should save a bit more.

2. Go to a store to find what you like, they look a lot different online. Once you have a picked one or two, wait until they are on offer. B&Q will do a 4 packs for 3 or 3 packs for 2 offer a few times a year.

3. Buy the underlay (sonic gold) and beading from eBay and you’ll save a lot of money.

4. Don’t need a specialist to fit the laminate, a decent handyman or carpenter can do it and they will charge less.

4. I’d fit tiles in the hall as it’s an area you’ll walk on a lot.
Costco do good quality laminate flooring that has the underlay attached and is on offer regularly.

Fiiting should take 1 day so around £150 but some will charge more.

So your living room be about £800 for good quality laminate and fitting.
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