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rough price for disconnecting / capping off a gas fire

Posted 20th Nov 2014
got a gas engineer coming round tonight to quote for the job, anyone had it done and how much did it cost? just so i know if the quotes high

thanx in advance
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around £40 as just a simple job and to do any gas checks before and after. see if he does the checks or just switches the gas off and caps of the turns the gas back on. which he shouldn't do but if he does it should be cheaper then.
just had a call from him he has been doing a job near us so popped his head over the back gate to see the back of the fire and its a flu system (i wasnt sure) its also a system thats not used anymore he has quoted £80 to check it cap it key it off and brick the flu up with matching bricks

seems ok to me i guess, i looked on myhammer or whatever its called and people were paying £50 for a simple cap

british gas charge £180 lol
I'd say £60 based on the standard hourly rate (without the brickwork) so sounds reasonable to me.

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absolute bargain with the building work included.
Sounds about right to me. Probably half an hour to cap off alone and then half an hour for the brickwork. At local hourly rate here of £74 plus vat your £80 quote sounds about right.
Sounds like a reasonable price.
£25.00 done today. I took fire out gas man capped it off and tested, corgi registered. Although I did ask if he could do it when he was in the area/passing next to make it easier for him and cheaper for me!
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