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Found 21st Oct 2007
Well im star struck ive recently been banned from Xbox Live, I can confirm the Xbox has not been modified im currently running a battle with Xbox to try an find out why this console has been banned as its a family machine and i know nor myself or the kids would tamper with it or cause any form of behaviour to result in a ban. Im wanting a rough price offered, As im told the console should not be banned by Microsoft and they are working on resolving it.. Ive no idea where its heading. But should it be a negative outcome im looking at selling this and buying a new one, The package would be Xbox Premium, One Wireless Controller, Power Brick and cord, 20GB HD and the Component cables, Or the VGA cable for an additional fee.

I will again make it clear that at current the xbox is being reported as BANNED but im being told it should not be, But knowing Xbox support i cant promise the information they provide is truthful or an date they plan to resolve this, Another issue although not at all important the gate that allows access to the front USB, A spring has been lost of the back therefore the door will not close. Can easily be fixed but should make it clear


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I see you're in west yorks... Leeds by any chance? I might be interested in grabbing it locally if you do end up having to sell it

I think you'll be looking at offers of around £100 on here...

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I do live in West Yorkshire, Wakefield. Would definitely want more than £100, Ive seen faulty Xbox 360 going for £70-80 on Ebay

You should try confirm if it's the console that has been banned or the gamertag. Think if it tells you that you cannot connect to live in the network test because the console has been banned that's bad mojo, but if everything is fine it's the gamertag in which case you can just get a new one.

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Its definetely the console, Im not new to networking or Xbox in fact im part of a technical support team over @ [url][/url] Xbox are not willing to share information on the case until it has been fully resolved, Some representatives tell me its a ban managers and technical advise team say there is no ban but an issue.

ive just thrown mine on ebay, im not sure what it'll go for - any ideas? item no. . I guess i should of advertised it here first really

fair enough- more opinion rather then advertising really cos im wondering if i should still sell privately


I do live in West Yorkshire, Wakefield. Would definitely want more than … I do live in West Yorkshire, Wakefield. Would definitely want more than £100, Ive seen faulty Xbox 360 going for £70-80 on Ebay

How old is the console? Do you have the receipt? Original packaging etc? Why are you charging extra for the vga cable? Does that not come with it as standard?

Are you including any games? Controllers? Other accessories?

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The console was returned to me new by xbox, i will check manufacturing dat later today, After my xbox was returned and occasionally new consoles are returned. The VGA cables do not come as standard, there around £15-20, I do have the original receipt although its past its 12month warranty and PC World are not willing to do anything past this period. The console is still in warranty, I will be keeping all games for the new console so you will get:-
Premium Console
1 x Wireless Controller
1 X Power brick, and leads
1 X Composite leads, VGA extra if needed
20GB Hard drive
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