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Found 10th Jul 2007
I'm looking to purchase tickets for Round the World flights - leaving in the first week of October.
My best quote is through Quantas / BA to cover:
Lima (Overland to) Santiago to Auckland (overland to) Christchurch to Sydney to Singapore and back to London.
That costs £1366 including tax and fees (£958 excluding taxes).

Any other suggestions of places to get quotes from (I'm awaiting for STA Travel and have quotes from Global Travel)?

Many thanks!
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hey oldcrazy
with STA your better going into one of their branches
i got
London-Mumbai-Singapore-Bangkok-Singapore-Perth-Sydney-NZ-Fiji-Cook Islands - LA - NYC then finally back to the UK for £1275 lol

with Virgin/Singapore Airlines/NZ Airlines

with Qantas you will be paying more in taxes etc
I travelled on a round-the-world flight with Qantas / BA and found their service better than the Virgin/NZ option as they don't often charge for changes to flights once you set off. This was invaluable - the number of times I wanted to stay in a place longer / shorter (!!) and no charge for changing onward flights saved me a fortune. Check this out as it may have changed now. I think when I travelled I was advised it could cost £10 per change but none ever charged me.

STA are often cheapest but have a look at ]roundtheworldflights.com - it'll give you ideas if nothing else! Like rajpop said, going into STA is much better (if you can) as with these kind of flights, it's best to book in person as there are so many options that can't all be shown online. Just don't book extras with them (Visas, insurance, work permits, side trips, accommodation etc.) without shopping round as 9 times out of 10 STA is waaay more expensive than going direct.
cheers madtrekker thats helped me a bit too... have you got any advice for me? im off in december to the locations mentioned above... any do's don'ts? anywhere i should really visit etc?
rajpop - some tips for you-

Singapore - very easy to travel round. Use the metro train thingy - it's very cheap and clean and safe (runs to/from airport as well as round city). Check out ]the-inncrowd.com for good hostel-style accommodation. Highly recommended.

Sydney - Plenty of accommodation options depending on whether you want to stay in the city / beach etc. Make sure you take a trip to the Blue Mountains - many overlook it and it's lovely!

NZ - Totally fabulous place. You really should try and stay here for a month to get a good overview of the country. To travel around either hire a car (best with a group of friends) or look at one of the many bus tours. Kiwi Experience (]kiwiexperience.com) and Magic Bus (]magicbus.co.nz) are a bit party-orientated (lots of pre-uni gap year people!). Stray travel (]straytravel.com) are really good - still fun but with a bit more emphasis on seeing the real New Zealand rather than just the bars! Make sure you get to Queenstown, Christchurch, Dunedin, Auckland and Bay of Islands (up North!). Swimming with Dolphins is amazing - do it in Kaikoura (south island) where you're almost guaranteed to get a swim with them. They offer dolphin swims in the Bay of Islands but the sucess rate of finding a pod of dolphins that you can swim with is lower. Go Zorbing in Rotorua (]zorb.co.nz), skydiving is great (and relatively cheap). Jump off the sky tower in Auckland. Go to Abel Tasman National Park (South Island) for stunning scenery. Oh, and a trip to Milford Sound is a must.

Fiji - Again another fab place. I did the Fiji Experience bus tour and loved it (]feejeeexperience.com). Plenty of opportunty to interact with the locals - visit schools, go rafting on the rivers, swim under waterfalls, canoe to remote islands etc. And lots of socialising with your fellow travellers. I also visited Beachcomber Island (]beachcomberfiji.com) for a couple of nights of sun, sea and sand! It's a fab place with wonderful food, great snorkelling etc. Also take a look at ]awesomefiji.com - I did their "Wanna Taki" cruise which was wonderful. You spend two nights on a boat (basically a fully-catered floating hostel!). All food is provided (loads of it and it's really good) and you spend your days swimming, snorkelling, canoeing, fishing - whatever you want really. We got to swim with Manta Rays which was amazing.

LA - Bloody awful place. Don't spend too long here! Visit Hollywood and Venice Beach etc just for the experience. Downtown is nasty and not much worth seeing! If you've got time / money, consider a trip from here to San Francisco which is much nicer and well worth a visit! Can't recommend anywhere to stay - all the hostels I tried were awful and full of weirdos!

New York - Fun fun fun! Just make sure you save some pennies for when you get here as there is so much you'll want to buy! I stayed at the New York International American Youth Hostel (]hinewyork.org) which was fine - quite cheap, felt safe and was near the subway etc. Others have recommended "Jazz on the Park" hostel (]jazzhostels.com) A trip on the Staten Island ferry is free and it goes past the Statue of Liberty so can save you paying to visit separately! If you're staying for several days, buy a 7 day metrocard for about $25 which lets you use any buses / subway. Easy to get round and dirt cheap! Catch the subway to Brooklyn and walk back on the Brooklyn Bridge for fab views of the city skyline.

Have fun!
wow thanks for that... i've left you rep.

If you have any friends in Australia then register under their address for the Qantas frequent flyer program, this way you can collect frequent flyer points on BA/Qantas flights even in economy.

I've considered a round the world ticket a few times and found Qantas the easiest to book and the cheapest. On a recent Qantas flight to Perth I was sitting next to a person who had taken advantage of a round the world ticket and they were very happy with all of the flights and the price theyhad paid. As someone else has mentioned you even get to change the flights without any hassle.

The online qantas interactive booking map shows all of the places you can go to, (you just can't go back on yourself) and having been reminded of this now I think I'll book myself one of these for next year.
I once saw a tv program where if you purchase a business class seat (may not have to be) to the furthest destination they let you stop off on the way up to I think 5 times. Obviously you would then need a return ticket

If you have any friends in Australia then register under their address … If you have any friends in Australia then register under their address for the Qantas frequent flyer program, this way you can collect frequent flyer points on BA/Qantas flights even in economy.

When I travelled, I registered for this anyway using my UK address (you don't have to be resident of Australia and infact it's free to non-Australian residents whereas Australians have to pay to join!). Check out ]qantas.com I also registered with BA Executive Club and collected points for both companies simultaneously!

Some people will say that you stand more chance of being offered an upgrade if you're a member of the airline's frequent flyer programme. Didn't work for me :x

Ooh, the other thing to note is that if you're travelling alone and don't mind waiting for the next flight, when you arrive at the airport, mention that you're happy to stand down if the flight is overbooked (many are over booked as they expect people not to turn up!). If you do get bumped off the flight, they'll put you in a nice hotel until the next flight (even if it's just a few hours), give you meal / drinks vouchers and usually pay a good whack of compensation in flight vouchers (my friend got £200 for standing down on a flight from Johannesburg to London - it paid for a trip to New York for him). Not bad as long as you're not in a rush to get somewhere (and most backpackers aren't).
Thanks to everyone for that - very much appreciated. Reps added.
I've joined-up to the "Frequent Flyer Programmes", hopefully I'll manage to blag my way into Business Class (although I doubt it!).

It looks like Quantas /BA (I think that they is the only ones that can do the trip that I require) with STA are the cheapest (the Global Village Quote wasn't far behind though), although I'll have a look for the next 2 or 3 days to see if it can be beaten.

Anyone have any tips on who to go for for RTW Trip Insurance (especially through QuidCo if available!) - or even ones to avoid due to bad prior experience!?
try insure and go... choose the backpackers option..easily the cheapest and i have never had a problem with them the few times I have made a claim
not the best places to visit unless those were the places you wanted to go to
i would tailor make my trip
depends where u want to go
but i wouldn't pay that much

not the best places to visit unless those were the places you wanted to … not the best places to visit unless those were the places you wanted to go to

In between there is Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil in South America, and from Singapore I am travelling into Hanoi and down to Saigon and back to Singapore then London. There are people I'm stopping-by to see in a few of the countries, so that bumps the price up a bit, personally, I reckon that is fairly good value.
I can't see any cheaper way of doing the route that I'm going on.

Cheers Boothy, I've taken a look and it does compare very well indeed. Rep added.
[SIZE=2]Just check that you're covered for everything you need. Many budget backpackers' policies only cover a really small amount for valuables. If you're taking a camera, ipod / mp3, mobile phone etc. check that they're properly covered. The insure and go policy, for example will only cover £250 valuables with a limit of £150 on a single item.[/SIZE]
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