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    Im planning a year long trip covering asia,oz,nz,fiji and mexico starting from next january, does anyone have any advice on good websites, books, deals etc? Im a bit nervous as only going with one other girl and want to do a bit of planning !!

    Any help much appreciated

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    tripadvisor and if you're a student check out sta travel.

    I went to a few places in asia 2 years back, found singapore to be boring, penang was the asian's / australians version of great yarmouth (or benidorm) however i adored malaysia and would like to go back! I visited most parts... The Cameron highlands definitely stood out from the rest, I met a true aboriginal family while traveling up there! amazing scenery and a very relaxed atmosphere.
    KL would have been my second favorite, i particularly liked the china town district,

    My mum recently went to australlia and newzealand on a cruise, she found the entire holiday boring! But, that's her for you! she prefers places like Lanzarote :oops:

    I would love to visit japan, china and thailand especially phuket island! Looks soo dreamy.

    if you can't afford much i'd recommend hostels, but I stayed in 5* hotels (one of which had some royalty type people and loads of famous asian popstars! think that was penang)

    everything in malaysia i found to be incredibly cheap, but do be careful with electrical products as i nearly got ripped off! grr!

    (don't even know if you're planinng on malaysia but it goes for every country... it might have been singapore that i nearly got ripped off)

    We encountered lots of tolls, like motorway service things that you have to pay to use, and youre not allowed porn!

    in singapore you're not allowed chewing gum!!! I think you could get wipped for it... :oops: um, i saw a sign that read 'if you go on this grass you will get shot' scary hey!

    right i'll stop now, hope you have a nice time
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