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I'm off to France for the summer and I'm trying to plan out where to go, the correct routes etc. We are doing a bit of a circular tour.

I want to be able to save the route and go back to it afterwards. Maybe tweak it a little. Save it again and come back to it etc. I want it to work like Google Maps does ideally, but you can't save easily using Google Maps.

Anyone know of anything out there that will allow me to do what I want to do?

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what problem you having with google maps? I save all my route plans on there and find it really good. If your really struggling I can probably create one for you if you send me your destinations.

what about run keeper or mapmyrun? that uses googlemaps as a bse and you can save route. doesnt matter if your running or not also you can put the app on your phone for fast access

i still dont understand how it can be difficult to save google maps? you just click 'save' or 'done' and thats it?

edit: have you signed up for google account and used the My Maps tab? using this you can save all your destinations, local shops etc.... plus all the route profiles which you can tinker with as you like.
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