I've just bought myself a laptop. Can someone recommend a router so that I can enter the world of wirelessness at minimum cost?



    I have had a couple of routers. The first was a phillips and was cheap, about 15 quid i think. It was rubbish. Then I went to pc world and got a belkin, think was about 60 quid. Had someone install it cos they not easy to install. He only charged 15 quid so it was worth it. Never had any problems, my sister also has a belkin and she had no probs either. Make sure you tell them which type of broad band service you have, i.e. bt or ntl etc., as this makes a difference, apparently. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Cathy - I'm a Virginmedia (ntl) customer

    I posted a deal for a Zyxel router for cable modems a short while back. It was selling for £29.99 at PC World. Should be able to find it if you search for "zyxel" on the forums.

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    Thanks comrades - I'm going for the Netgear WGR614.

    Hooray! one more free internet access point.


    um, phone virgin. They send you one for free. Netgear.
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