I am using the free router supplied by my broadband provider and the wireless connection is rubbish. I have been advised to purchase a decent router and I've no idea where to start?? I'm using it hardwired at the mo so its a real pain!!
    Thanks for any help


    is it via phoneline or cable?

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    have you gone into the route settings and turned off the router firewall (not the wep/wpa security) and changed the channel number?

    who are you with?

    am using netgear one been using for last 2 years with no probs. seems to be decent quality.

    Markvirgo might be able to save you buying one tho!!

    get one that uses mimo, supposed to be a lot better. been having real problems with the virgin router since october. don't know if its the router, the modem or feed!

    First, are you sure the problem is with the router and not in the device you're trying to connect to it or in your house not working with wifi very well? You don't want to spend £40 on a router to find out it your problem hasn't gotten any better.

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    Thank you for your help. I'm with Talktalk and the router is an echolife. It was actually someone from Talktalk that suggested a new router after I complained about poor connection\constant disconnection??

    I'm also with Talktalk and have the echolife router. I have poor connection and constant disconnection so I would say that it probably is the router that's the problem.
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