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    hi guys, I realise there is a very recent thread asking a similar question but I have slightly different requirements

    I have been with BT infinity since the beginning of November and am already on my second smart hub and they are now sending me a hh5, I'd like to replace the lot with a router with a built in vdsl modem or a conventional router and just keep the BT equipment and use it as a modem only.

    my requirements are 2 USB ports which must support 2 way printer communication, bit torrent support and must be wall mountable.

    I have a certain amount in amazon vouchers so any links to products from that seller most appreciated.

    thanks in advance


    interested in this too. the sky fibre just don't cut it. can't get a signal upstairs

    Asus RT87U is a good router. Built-in dl/torrent manager, openVPN, printer server and wall mounting holes.
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    The site that helped me the most when I was looking for a new router a few months ago was

    As well as reviews there are some very useful comparison charts which can be filtered by router class and more benchmarks than you can shake a stick at... I ended up going for the R7800 and an EX7000
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