Router connection, no software??

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Found 1st Mar 2010
I bought a good wireless router few months back, loaded software and worked fine. then my comp started missbehaving, so my mate formatted it and loaded windows 7 on it, i went to get the box out to load software on again and disc is missing.
Now i've got a long cable going across my room. tried lookin on the net but no avail, also emailed belkin and they confussed me even more.

Any suggestions?


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Normally you can access the router at or, although you'll need to connect your computer with an ethernet cable to ther router..


Apparently it's

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so what do i do? i'm sorry i'm a bit of a novice, if its gonna be too complicated am i better off buying a new one or is there a dumbed down step by step guide for amateurs:oops:

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Cheers people, i'll have a go. Rep all round:thumbsup:

reset your router by pressing rest for 10-15 seconds. your router will be set back to default and you should get open wireless signal then you can log into router browser and set your security settings (password and network name).

Connect via ethernet. windows key + r > cmd > type "ipconfig" > whatever it says in the default gateway is your routers ip. Then type that in an internet browser and setup your router. If you don't know the password see ]here
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