Found 12th Feb 2008
Hi guys,

Got set-up on O2 Broadband the other day (fab by the way), but tried setting it up on my own router tonight & messed it up.....

Updated the firmware, done a factory reset & entered the settings.

I had to save it as a gateway at 1st, but now when I try getting into the router via, it wont let me in (page cannot be displayed).

Tried it via lan cable & wireless with no joy.

Also tried derivatives such as etc - no joy

Any ideas ?


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type ipconfig /all
at a command prompt and then post the results here.

i assume 02 supply a usb modem. you dont say what your router is possibly a netgear in this case is correct. the result of the ipconfig test should show this if your ethernet card is operating the way to find cmnd prompt look in accessories in start menu. sounds like you ran setup at small home office network and the gateway was the correct option. now just try deleting the previous broadband and dial up connections in connect to. what can happen it still looks for the old path to the internet.


post pictures of yourself

Original Poster

Hi guys.

I reset it back to factory settings last night & managed to gain access again.

I'm still stuck to what O2 settings to put in though - I still cant connect using my own router - anyone any idea's ?

Here is what I have at the minute - I'm a bit puzzled as O2 say not to put a username or password in, but the router wont let you save the settings without putting something in those boxes ???


Enable autodetect for starters

Original Poster

The autodetect is for the Virtual Circuit.

If you set it to Enable, it changes the VPI & VCI values to that not specified by O2

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Right, found some settings on the internet, I'll give them a go tonight.........


normal uk isp is

vci/vpi 0,38

not sure bout o2 but these settings work for most bt wholesale based systems

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I know, I was on that with Plusnet, but O2 is different !

Original Poster

Cheers all - I'm all sorted now

Thanks for your input

Encapsulation is set to RFC 1483 Bridged
Multiplexing: LLC
Qos: UBR
VPI: 0
VCI: 101

Modulation: ADSL2+
Username: (blank)
Password: (blank)
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