HI i bought a netgear i set the router up ages ago and now i dont know how to use it
    can anyone help?

    i want to set a wireless network!!!


    in what way do you want to use it?

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    sorry, i want to be able to use the wireless router to share internet access with my laptop
    and file share with the laptop is that possible?

    should be possible, shared intenet all you have to do is scan for a wireless network and follow the on scrren instructions, file share you need to check the option for the folders you want to be shared from within windows in the properties

    Please can you specify which Netgear router you have? username Admin / Password: Password

    Choose enable wireless access point in wireless settings on the left hand side of the blue menu

    Give your network a name and choose the security you wish to use. PM me if you need any further help


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    hi sorry for the late reply guys
    il pm u if thats ok?
    rep added for kmac and ttese

    just a quick question do you have the internet working on the router?

    if not you will need you isp settings (username & password)

    you will need to be connected initially by a cable from the laptop to the router (usually blue cable comes with the router)

    then open a webbrowser and type htt:// you will be prompted to login in, use admin as the username and password as the password

    If logged in correctly you will see a list of options on the left have pane. if you do not have your internet working already you will need the choose the top option (i think its basic settings) and type them in there and click apply.

    Then choose the wireless settings option and enable the wireless (once activated there will be a green light on the front of the router)

    choose the security you require (wskpi and enter a network key, all laptops will need this to access the network)

    and click apply

    Let me know if you have any problems

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    Hi i dont have the router working at all, i connected to my pc and put 1 cable in the modem that right?:
    if i cant sort it out 2moro il ask my mate for help!#
    PS il be around 2mo il shout u thanks again

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    ps how do i get isp settings

    you will have been given these details when you setup your internet connection. If you dont have them you will need to ring up your internet provider.
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