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Hey guys and gals.

I have o2 broadband and have been using the provided "o2 wireless box" however I have realised that it is truely a price of crap. I don't get coverage around my house, it likes to reset itself wert couple of hours and using the ps3 online with it is a real pain (getting way too many disconnects).
So a question. Can I buy say a netgear adsl router and use that. And how simple will it be to set up because I have had cable broadband in the past where the modem conntected to the router. But for o2 the telephone line plugs straight into the router. Any help will be apprectiated

sorry if there are any spelling errors ( on my iPhone)


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Yes you can swap it out, check the O2 forum for settings etc - keep the old one though as they want it back if you leave or they'll charge you £50 and they won't do any tech support unless you're using their supplied router.

Sounds like you need to either wire up (over half the house computers are on my gbit switch as i tend to extract/watch alot of stuff over the LAN.
I believe there have been some cat5e eth cable deals lately on HUKD

Or get something like Linksys WRT54G, dd-wrt the firmware so you can push the milliwatt antenna power to up and beyond EU Legal limits
I've had this setup on the wrt54g for years with it up against back patio doors so i can use laptop in the garden in summer

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I swapped mine out with a Net Gear DG834G - took 5 minutes to install and works a treat, make sure you upgrade to latest firmware - on this model my PS£ did not connect to the WPA2 until the firmware was upgraded.

If you haven't already got one ring up o2 complain and ask them to send you latest version IV box which I find pretty good as it is wireless N. It's performance is similar to an expensive wireless N netgear router I had been using before they sent me the new one when I renewed contract

I highly recommend that you get rid of the O2 box.

I migrated from Sky BB to O2 and found the GUI on the O2 box woeful.

I flashed the Sky Netgear DG834GT router with DG Team firmware ( and have been happy ever since.

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Thanks guys for all the comments, As for wired, it wouldnt really help, as my main pc (hard wired) also loses internet connection every few hours. And i have to manually reset the router.
I dont have an ADSL router lying about so im either going to have to contact o2 and tell them to send me a wireless box IV (hope the problem gets solved) or purchase a ADSL router.
So if the problems persist, then im going to buy the Netgear DG834 (as recommed by "somebody" and "andrpro") which will be roughly 30-40quid.

Ill give them a ring first and see if the free way can sort it, if not then im going to have to fork out.

Thanks again for the help

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Ive managed to get my hands on a DG834G for 10quid.

I'm with O2 as well and also got the same DG834G router - but it just wasn't up to scratch, did not synch quite as well.

In the end I turned the router into a wireless bridge/modem only and connected my WRT54GS router and then bought a new wireless n router (WRT160n) and soldered two ariels onto it.

Get full signal in attic and all around house.

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Well ive always only used netgear cable routers in the past, and got a decent signal around my house with them, and also ps3 online has been good through them, So hopefully this will be the same....Hopefully. lol

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Recieved the router today, seems to have sorted all the problems. thankss guys
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