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Found 5th Jan 2018
I'm a complete noob to this subject. I've only ever used a router supplied by my internet provider.

I'm just starting to get my head around different aspects of a router so bare with me. X)

I'm currently looking at purchasing a router where I can install a vpn at the router instead of at each connected device.

I currently have BT infinity 1 52mb. With a download speed of around 48mb. Upload speed of 9mb.

Current router is a BT smart hub. Usage is mainly (4k tv streaming services, Sky Q, 2 x fire tv stick 1st gen running Kodi (mainly only watching TV and movies no live streaming). 2 x phones used mainly for Internet browsing. Kids fire tablet streaming tv shows ect.

I want something that will make use of the Internet I'm receiving and nothing that's just overkill or has features I won't use so I want to keep cost to a minimum.

Any advice or recommendations are appreciated.


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BT Home Hub 6 does what your want. Check if you have a 5 or 6. 6 has infinitely better wifi as well
ccnp48 m ago

BT Home Hub 6 does what your want. Check if you have a 5 or 6. 6 has …BT Home Hub 6 does what your want. Check if you have a 5 or 6. 6 has infinitely better wifi as well

​I have a BT Hub 6. I did think about using the hub to 'host' the vpn but couldn't find any information on how this is done.

Most comments online stated the bt hub can't support a vpn server. Is this the case?
This article…up/ suggests that the most critical element of a router for vpn use is the cpu perfmance in order to handle the encryption demands, and suggests the following potential cpu rating/speed....

600 Mhz = 8-10 Mpbs
800 Mhz = 15-25 Mbps
1.0 Ghz = 20-35 Mbps
1.4 Ghz = 25-45 Mbps

I've been thinking of getting a Netgear R7800 (1.7Ghz) for quite a while now and finally decided that I will bite the bullet next time they're reduced to £130 on Amazon (or elsewhere). This is not the cheapest option available but I think this is one of the instances that you actually get what you pay for!

The biggest driver for the change as well as wanting to put PIA on the router is that I've added a lot of home automation wifi controlled switches to my network recenty and my existing Virgin Superhub 3 is beginning to experience dropouts.
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Many aspects to think of here ...

What is your budget ?
Do you want a 1 piece or 2 piece setup ?
Do you care for IPv6?
Size of house?

One thing is for sure, ditch the Home Hub they are **** !
Pretty sure you can set up a small PC to do the routing for you. Saw an article a couple of years ago and pc hardware destroys these little arm based routers.
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