Found 19th Feb 2010
im looking to upgrade my router from the free one i received with my provider

i want one which has fast wifi access and 4 or more gigabit ports

can anyone recommend one fore me

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DIR-655 probably up your street…asp £76.59 delivered

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the porter;7894413

dsl or adsl?


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DIR-655 probably up your … DIR-655 probably up your street £76.59 delivered

wow thx this one ticks all my boxes

Do you just need a router then? have you already got a separate modem?

Just asking because have seen people get caught out before because they think a router also connects them to their ADSL service.

You do know aswell that when you phone your provider and you have any probs they will know it's not their router you are on, so then they will not want to know about any probs you have or might get.

Most computers don't even have 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Getting a new router will not speed up your internet connection.
If you want better wireless you could go N standard.
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