Routers and Modems

    I see products like the Netgear Nighthawk that offer both a modem and a router for those with VDSL connections:…rch

    But I wonder if there is any point to them? Considering the hassle that you sometimes need to go through to replace the modem, wouldn't it just be better to buy a router and connect that to your BT/Virgin/Sky modem or is that problematic aswell? Or is it just better to have a modem and router all in one for better internet/wifi speeds?


    It comes down to quality of parts. What you get in the premium devices is not the same that gets dished out via the ISPs. The better devices also have the physical ability to connect to any xDSL/ATM network so it merely depends on config.


    Combined devices can often connect to an external modem too, so you lose nothing if the modem portion fails.

    I just had fibre installed and currently have my ISP's router which is a crappy Zyxel. At 6 to 10 feet away I am getting 78mbps. At 20 feet away in the upstairs bedroom I get 1.69mbps on 2.4ghz. On 5ghz I have no signal in the bedroom upstairs at all. This is very different from my old Netgear which worked fine in the bedroom on the 5ghz channel. I will be updating pretty soon.
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