rover 75 cdti diesel auto conniesuer with cream leather

Found 11th Jun 2009
are these cars like rocking horse poo
in derbyshire prepared to travel 100 miles
cant find one any help
cash waiting
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Rover=Epic Breakdown
They've probably all disintergrated into piles of rust.
I have had three Rovers and never had any trouble from them (2 petrol + 1 Diesel). The engines are sound. It is only the bodywork that lets them down after a few years, especially around the wheel arches.
is this the beemer engine ?
Why do people talk tosh.

That is probably the best rover made ever. I had the exact car a con se auto cdti and it is the best car I have had. It has the bmw cdti engine with the cam chain so no hassle from snapping belts. It is smooth and powerful and more so if tuned which is cheap and easy. It does plenty to the gallon and is very smooth.

They have always been hard to find for sale for that model as people tend to hold on to them.

I only sold as I needed an estate.

Not seen a rusty Rover 75 yet not even the early v reg ones.

Oh and most of the electrics, break system and suspension are bmw too.
Worth checking here too as the best forum for the car and always someone selling or know where they are for sale etc.…php
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