Roy Keane = GONE!!!



    good for United, we play them on Sat

    he needs to be getting a shave

    Even as a Gooner, I think he was a fab player. Will Sunderland recover this season?


    Even as a Gooner

    shame on you..... go find somthing to hit yourself with

    Only way to keep Sunderland up was with Keane!

    Who will take it on?




    Oh dear...............controvertial!


    Only way to keep Sunderland up was with Keane! Who will take it on?

    Paul Ince....... dont think he'll be at blackburn much longer




    I would Love it if he became Sunderland coach.... LOVE IT! :thumbsup:

    Paul ince is not an option,

    David O'Leary always gets mentioned for every job!

    Terry Vennibles will get a mention,

    How about Shearer?

    Didnt think Keane would officially become a quitter.

    Me thinks BIG Sam


    Me thinks BIG Sam

    good shout, but with the Newcastle connection an all that? Oh wait a min, thats right money talks!:whistling:

    we wont be getting anyone associated with newcastle, the fans wouldnt stand for it, quinn knows better than that.
    maybe it was time for keane to go, as much as i love him for what he done for the club , he has done an amazing job we were bottom of the championship when he took over, maybe he has taken the club as far as he could.
    now we need a more experienced manager to take us up the table, i hope keane takes another job maybe in the championship/league 1 and gets more managerial experience, you can tell he is going to be a top top manager, just not with sunderland unfortunately.


    good for United, we play them on Sat

    You were worried? :thinking:





    keane was doing such a good job an all

    LMAO Phil Brown has been named.

    OK, so he got them promoted but then found that the Premier League is much harder to manage in....spent loads of money and no real return on this. Never look sinterested on the sidelines. Sunderland could be a decent team with a committed manager who knows what he is doing..good luck to them (from Reading fan...hands off Coppell!!)

    Sunderland want talks with the wee man - Gordon Strachan

    Don't think he'll take it though.

    Big Sam will get the job, he's a former Sunderland player. And he's got a point to prove up this way. Keano is loss to the game. (and I'm a geordie)
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