Royal Ascot - Promotion Code?

Found 23rd Jan 2008
Hi - I plan on going to Royal Ascot this year. Tickets are available on their website but it has a space for a promotional code. Please can anyone let me know if they have such a code?
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Hi there, I was in my local M & S, looking through a 'Berkshire Life' magazine, and in it there is a promo code for Royal Ascot. The code is only valid on tuesday 17th and wednesday 18th. The code is for 1/2 price entry, so grandstand tickets are £27 instead on £54. I have bought 2 tickets for both days, and I think that you can order up to 9 tickets on each day.
The promo code is LIFE08
Hope this helps, and good luck on the day!
Excellent, thanks
Brilliant! Just what i wanted too!

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