Royal Dutch Shell enjoys 90% rise in profits to £11.5 billion.

    No wonder we're paying through the nose at the pumps!!!


    Not surprising, They are as bad as the government.


    They only operate on about 5% profit margin.....the fact they made so much profit is by the sheer volume of sales at the pump. 64% of the price you pay goes to the guvernment.

    Maybe if we had better mpg cars, learned to drive more economically, were more strict with our car journeys.

    BP/Shell etc run on tiny margins, Fuel Duty is the #1 culprit on petrol prices not profits please google more before making assumptions

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    I'm not a City analyst but when you see the statement 'Royal Dutch Shell has reported a 90% surge in annual profits to £11.5bn, saying higher oil prices and a boost to production levels have contributed to the leap.' then I don't think assumption comes into it do you!

    The profit from the UK is a very tiny part of is the refined petrol. The money is made in the Crude Oil.
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