Royal Mail & the postal strike

I'm seriously losing patience with this strike now. So many items held up because Mr Postie can't accept that getting paid for 42 hours a week means working 42 hours a week - and not starting at 5am and knocking off at 11am!! OK, theres some ground to be given on both sides, but the sooner the workers realise that Royal Mail is simply seeking to impose working/pension conditions on their staff that already affect everybody else the better. When Royal Mail goes down the pan permanently - and it won't take long - there will be a whole lot more than 40,000 looking for work. You've already lost major contracts like Amazon, so use some sense and accept this isn't the 1970's, and if you want to keep your job - GO BACK TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!


Do we realy need another thread ?

You didn't have to start a new thread, there's two big ones on the go.
Have a look at this:-


and are these for sale at every store or just the few listed?

I understand pays rubbish for postmen but if you dont like it quit - id happily be a postman - these strikes are peeing me off

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Oh, so once again, it looks like management have caved in and given the lazy useless gits what they want. How typical of a company owned by the government (the majority shareholder), How much longer till the next dispute?? Royal Mail are rubbish, workers, managers, the whole damn lot of them!


basically the strikes are pointless, royal mail doesnt make enough profit so cant accept the unions proposals, the strikes are just generating royal mail empolyees more work because of all the backlog, and its affecting millions of people. I understand the motive of the strike but seems pretty selfish to me.

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Yes, it "was" a major issue. If you don't like it don't read it idiot!

funny my parcels are held up, but not my credit card bills etc...

Those comments were un-necessary Melanie. And there's already a thread on this.

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