Royal Mail and missed delivery

Posted 2nd Feb 2016
I am going away tomorrow and I'll be away for about 20 days and I missed a delivery today (unlucky!). Anyway, I can't have this packet redelivered to a neighbour as I don't really speak to them etc. I am leaving tomorrow and I need to get on a flight in the early afternoon so I won't have time to pop into my local delivery office.

I know it's my fault for missing the delivery, so not angry at the postman at all. I was just wondering if anyone has any idea of when the postman (he tried to deliver at around half 11) will be taking the post he hasn't managed to deliver back to the delivery office, so I can go and collect the packet before the office shuts at 6.30pm. If this is possible at all, as I know normally I'd have to wait till the next working day.

I can always ask someone I know for a favour as far as the redelivery goes, but if I can sort it out myself, that would be better. I was also gonna ring the office before going to check my packet is there. Not gonna moan about it, since it was my fault.

Thanks in advance
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