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Royal Mail damaged my letter post what can I do for compensation?

Posted 16th Dec 2013
I ordered a plug converter so that I can charge my electric toothbrush in my room.

The postman squeezed through the plug through the letter box and in the process he's damaged the letter box and now one flap is loose and hanging because one of the screw is missing for the flap.

I want to know can I claim for damages against royal mail??
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    Same thing happened to me this time last year. Postie squeezed a slightly too big packet through and snapped the draught excluder in half! (_;) I know it's only a bit of plastic, but if he was struggling, why force it!?
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    I know that this is technically for items of post which have been damaged but I would suggest contacting them here and they should be able to point you in the right direction
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    Contact their Customer Services - raise a complaint and provide costs for repair/replacement
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    Anonymous User
    Just screw that screw right back in!!!!!
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    Anonymous User
    Same thing happened to us 2 or 3 years back, I sent an email to Royal Mail Customer Services, they replied in a day or two saying replace it and send us the bill, I did and they sent a cheque back in less than a week
    Goodness knows what the postman was doing, ours was a brass letterbox and he had it off of the door and broken, luckily the door was fine.
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    Thanks put a complaint via their website, lets see what happens
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    Royal mail got back to me and will be sending out a £10 cheque for a replacement letter box.
    Not bad!
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    Anonymous User
    Atleast yours was inside your house. Royal mail left my housemate parcel outside on the floor two days ago. oO

    If i didn't open the door to see who ring the bell, that parcel will be nicked. Is that how Royal mail work now?
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    Anonymous User
    Good result hungergames14 and so they should.
    My post has just been delivered and they have broken mine again, the inside one this time, I have emailed them and I await their response!
    Just stupid, a parcel was clearly too big to go through but they decided to do it anyway, would have been quicker for them to open the porch door than use the effort it clearly took to push it through.
    Good job Amazon pack their books well otherwise that would have been ruined too.
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