Posted 6th Jan 2023 (Posted 8 h, 15 m ago)
Hi there,
Should the backlog created by the RM strikes be cleared by now?
I sent off my passport for renewal on December 21st and its still not been delivered.

Any info appreciated.
thanks in advance.
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    yesterday my postie says they aren't doing overtime, staff are leaving and the backlog is building up. they are concentrating on parcels and special delivery items. they've been trying to get temps and new staff on zero hour contracts to help, but aren't getting much luck with that. the xmas and NY bank holidays aren't helping either
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    49243888-L5f1k.jpgWell..what a coincidence, just thought I would check again and it's been delivered!
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    I'd go with more than likely... No, as the answer. All they did was make a whole load of work for themselves.
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    ok thank you for the replies, i have checked the online application process and its still not updated as having received my passport, so must still be waiting to be delivered. I will have to give it a few more weeks and hope it gets there.
    you do realise that the passport office will take a while to update their systems too?
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    Did you send it special delivery?
    Not special..just 1st class signed for as recommended on the application..
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    I have had a few items delivered but no change in the status.
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    I spoke to my local post office and they told me that they were concentrating on the large parcels at the sorting office first.
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    The passport office would've been shut over the Xmas and new year holiday period. Add in strikes to the mix, you're looking at a longer wait.
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    Thanks everyone for your input..In hindsight I should have sent it special delivery but it was nearly £7! The cost of postage is just getting out of hand. I am just going to have to put my travel plans on hold for the time being I suppose and just be patient.
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    RM have failed to collect three parcels from me in the last eight days.
    DPD have screwed up three times in the last fortnight.
    It's gone beyond farcical and they probably have a better postal service even in Ukraine right now.
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    We're clearing our office every day. Guess it's different all around the country. I've had a few odd Xmas cards to deliver dated back to mid December but I'd imagine by next week surely everything will be back to normal. Will your passport even be coming back via Royal Mail? I had a different courier deliver ours back to us.
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