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Posted 29th Apr
Is there a way of finding out if Royal Mail are holding any packages for you (without knowing about said packages)?

By that I mean, if I called my local delivery/sorting office and I asked them whether they have any packages to be delivered to our address but not having details about the packages myself, would they be able to let me know?

The reason I ask is because I’m pretty sure a postie just knocked an hour ago and when I went to open the door, nothing was left and no card was left either. I’m not waiting on anything, but family members have the habit of sending surprises.

Just wondering if anyone knows or has any experience with this.

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They could have been knocking to ask if you could take a parcel in for a neighbour.
freakstyler29/04/2020 11:27

They could have been knocking to ask if you could take a parcel in for a …They could have been knocking to ask if you could take a parcel in for a neighbour.

Yes they could have, but I wouldn’t know either way. This is not the first time I haven’t had a card left, but those times I was expecting deliveries so knew the details to give for redelivery.

Also, with the whole coronavirus situation, I’m not even sure if they’re able to leave packages with neighbours anymore.
Ring all your family and ask them did they send you anything, failing that don't call RM as they wont have the time or any reference number for your address.
Our sorting office is closed to the public on Wednesdays and only open between 7am and 9am on normal days during lock down so you might not be able to check with them today.

Chances are the postie will try and deliver it to you again tomorrow anyway.
without a card left, they will not give you any information.
Nearly impossible to get in touch nowadays - bigger depots are open 7-11am
Got a card last week - picked up 2 parcels !
Best suggestion is to find out if you are expecting anything as stated earlier and, if so, try to get hold of a reference number. That will enable you to track the item.

Depending on how the office is coping with absence levels, there may be hundreds of items in the office which they won't have the resources to be able to search through even if you can get hold of anyone.

Alternatively, wait until you see the postie next and ask them.
I would think it wrong, if not illegal for Royal Mail to give out this info. how would they be able to confirm that the person calling is the resident at that address?
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