Royal Mail, how to claim for 'no signature'?

Posted 9th Mar 2015
I cannot find anywhere the option to claim for 'no signature' upon delivery. Can anyone else find the option? As pointed out below it does state in their website that is they fail to obtain a signature they will refund the £1.10 difference.

Here is a link to the claims process:

Just to confirm I've edited this thread rather than creating a new one. I'm trying to claim the £1.10 on each parcel which has no signature, although sadly I can only claim upto 80 days ago. If anyone can help find out this information I would be grateful.



An overview of the situation is this:

I regularly use Royal Mail's services, I send around a dozen parcels or more each week with them. I often opt for their Signed For service for the majority of my consignments as this is required for eBay protection.

My issue I'm having is that a considerable amount of the parcels are being delivered and not being signed for, nor is the tracking information displaying as delivered.

I understand that many people seem to be having this issue however my main concern is that I'm paying them an additional £1.10 for each parcel I send for this service which is not being provided.

Am I eligible for a refund on the consignments which I have receipts for and that are not showing as delivered?

I don't want to claim compensation as I believe the items have been delivered (although I cannot confirm), however I believe I would be entitled to a refund for the postage paid as I have paid for a service that has not been fulfilled.

Please can anyone advise and do you think I am being reasonable?

I should also add that I would want to claim for the full postage cost paid, not just £1.10 on each consignment as the service is not being provided in its entirety.
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