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Hi guys, looking for abit of advice or experience on this one. I ordered six items from the hut at the end of January and I have only received two items. The items missing have a combined total of around 30 pounds. I contacted the hut and after a week they said they will send out a form and start an investigation. Has anyone got experience with dealing with matters like this and if so could you share please? I just want my stuff and its been close to three weeks now since I got dispatch emails and I've no idea how much longer it will take until I get what I actually paid for. Thanks guys


one of mine was lost in the post and they replaced right away..dont know why the hold up?


4 items missing warrants an investigation if you ask me. 1 missing should b a straight replacement but 4 is well out of order (guess your postie is thieving)

Well it is kind of a give-away when these things come with the customs declaration on saying they're a DVD worth £x. Most of the stuff I buy is junk no-one else would be interested in or have any idea what it is so I laugh at anyone stealing my parcels.
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I had items go missing from BestBuy (same company) to be honest I'm doubting that they were ever actual sent due to some of the odd e-mails they sent me. After a month of them blaming the snow and them ignoring my e-mails (I sent one everyday because I was pee'd off) they sent me one of these investigation forms, basically you fill in your details, tick whether you want a replacement or refund and then sent it back, in my case I was then refunded within about 7 days of sending it back.

There is a load of thieving going on by Royal Mail staff. I ordered a camera from ebay before xmas , the seller said it had been sent but I just had to wait . I left it too long to make a claim [45 days] as I thought it may have been delayed by bad weather we were having . Weeks later I got a package from Royal Mail ,a label on the front stating were sorry for the items in the package lost or damaged .Inside the jiffy bag was a letter saying the items were 'withheld' by someone working at the sorting office . Legal action had been taken against the worker , he was sacked , but I wonder how many packages he had got away with .
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4 items missing warrants an investigation if you ask me. 1 missing should … 4 items missing warrants an investigation if you ask me. 1 missing should b a straight replacement but 4 is well out of order (guess your postie is thieving)

Yes it should be investigated but do not blame your postie! A postie is probably stealing but I would not assume it is the one that comes to your door. (In case you were planning on biffing him!)

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What actually happens in the investigation tho? Or is it just me completing a form stating whether I want a refund or the actual items? And thanks to everyone for their input, this is just annoying that this has happened

Three weeks isn't that long when stuff goes missing. IIRC, the Royal Mail don't consider items *lost* until 21 days have elapsed since postage (although most companies usually ask you to report non delivery after 15 days).

I've had loads of stuff go missing that I've ordered over the years. Usually companies are happy to simply resend the items if you declare them as lost. However, it is up to TheHut to conduct their own investigation (did the stuff leave the warehouse?) and if necessary take things up with RoyalMail.

The forms they are sending out to you are no doubt for insurance purposes (they are insured against loss/theft). If they mess you around too long though, you would be within your rights to initiate a chargeback to your credit card for the missing items (you have 120 days).

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