Posted 28th Nov 2022
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According to following article last posting dates have been brought forward.…703

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    As a Postmaster, take my advice:
    1. Ignore these
    2. Post your parcels early
    3. Send it tracked

    Also, please support your local Post Office. Online postage may be slightly cheaper, but it is massively damaging to small businesses like mine. Also we're not on strike
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    CWU members are taking national strike action on 30 November, 1, 9 and 11 December 2022. We're sorry for the disruption this is likely to cause you.
    Post Offices will be open on these dates and advise on the best way to send your parcels
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    You will post it on time but don't count on it to get delivered.
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    As a postman of 36 years who’s on strike, there’s absolutely no chance of the offices being cleared for Xmas. The CEO & board are destroying Royal Mail.
    Oh did you know they’ve paid millions to change its name to International distribution services? Thought not!!!
    They are frauds!!
    Do you think its any different anywhere else mate?! Please just get back to work
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    Postman in Ilkeston Derbyshire are already 2 days behind with sorting letters, never mind delivering them, and are being told not to sort more letters, only parcels, it’s disgraceful, they are told that letters are not important, they make more money on parcels, so good luck getting your mail. Just thought people should know.
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    sad to see royal mail self destruct but as a business on amazon and eBay they have left me and many other business s to lose customers money through late returns unfair feedback and nothing but hassle at the time of the year you make your profit to pay wages etc this is probably the last straw for many
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    If it means less junk mail then by all means
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    I woud take them dates with a pinch of salt,-. My tracked 24 parcel is going to be AT LEAST a tracked 96 now
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    Companies are already going elsewhere. Parcels that would have arrived via Royal Mail are now being sent via DPD, custom hard to get back once lost.
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    Dec 1st because of strikes, allow backlog lol.
    Strikes are necessary and I do support them.
    Always use royal mail 👌
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    The CWU has announced it is withdrawing planned national strike action on the 12 and 14 November 2022.

    The CWU has announced they will be calling on members to take strike action on 24th, 25th and 30th November and 1st December 2022.

    These dates are still to be formally confirmed, but the CWU has to provide 14 days’ notice before they can strike.
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    For Xmas cards I would say at least a week before them dates. Striking on the 1st, 9th,11th, 14th, 15th, 23rd & 24th of December.
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    Hang on a mini, is Xmas still on?
    I thought they scrapped Xmas since cowid?
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    Useless pliks anyway
    What's a pliks ?
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    wait for the backlash..... Amazon usually deliver next day if you have Prime
    Exactly, that’s why Amazon don’t use royal mail
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    I don't think i can recall a more self destructive organisation. Littlewoods created their own courier because of Royal Mail strikes decades ago (now Yodel), Amazon created Amazon logistics because 3rd parties wouldn't deliver outside 9-5 Mon - Fri, now the Turkeys are voting for Christmas again. Even Ebay warns sellers not to use Royal Mail, the post office has just done a deal with Evri.
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    Probably already missed it, the postie is only turning up once a week now for us
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    Always best option to get the public behind you, deprive them of their post and travel lol well done RM and RMT (edited)
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    Does anyone know the last post for cards to Australia please?
    1st June
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    According to following article last posting dates have been brought forward.…703

    48908352-1Sboi.jpg (edited)
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