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Sent my cousin a game last Friday for his birthday. I posted it by 1st Class Royal Mail on Friday afternoon (looking back I should sent it by 1st Class Recorded Delivery). I sent him a message saying that i'd sent him a game. Today he sent me a message back saying that he is still yet to receive it. I've told him to give it a couple of more days just in case of delays. It should of got there by now.

Has anybody tried to get compensation for lost post from royal mail. I've looked at the process of doing it, just wondering if anybody has been successful?


Most people are but I believe the limit is £20 and you will need your proof of postage

Maybe he's received it and wants another gift from you.X)

On a serious note how much was the game worth,is it new,do you have the receipt?

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Maybe he's received it and wants another gift from you.X)On a serious … Maybe he's received it and wants another gift from you.X)On a serious note how much was the game worth,is it new,do you have the receipt?

it was £14 brand new sealed I still have the receipt

I meant to say have you got the proof of posting from the PO ?

You can get a paper claim form from the PO to fill in and you send it off to a freepost address with your proof of posting and a copy of your receipt for the game,you can also do it online but the website is playing up for me at the moment and it won't bring up the claim form.
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I meant to say have you got the proof of posting from the PO ?

I used the Royal Mail Online service to print the postage, there is a Royal Mail sorting office right next to where I work and they have post boxes for the public to use I just popped in it one of these.

Yes I have it is straight forward, print claim form or pick up from post office you will need your post office receipt, they send you a cheque and apology, you have to wait around 20 working days from posting, all is explained on the form.

What a shame, you should have asked for proof of posting at the counter which is free, its a receipt for your postage costs and they enter the postcode that the item was sent to so you are covered. Hope it turns up.

you have to wait 10 working days to make a claim

Without proof of postage, you won't get anything from RM. You also need to wait a lot longer than you have before they'd even look into it.

As per the other answers, you won't get a penny unless you have a certificate of posting. They will send you a book of 4 stamps if you complain enough.

In future, just get a free COP if under £20. Standard first and second class mail cover for that with a COP. Up to £50 is Signed For (the old Recorded Delivery) and over that is Special Delivery.

I bought an item on eBay then had to send it back to the seller as it was faulty on arrival. I used 1st Class Recorded. Unfortunately it got lost in the post. I waited 2 weeks (I couldn't get a refund as it had not been delivered) and Royal Mail refused to give me a refund as I didn't have the receipt for the item. My proof of postage and tracking number wasn't enough, nor was the eBay listing page. For starters it wasn't originally mine as I bought it off eBay and secondly it was secondhand and many people don't keep receipts for items a few years old. Even if I had the receipt I couldn't prove it was the item that I'd sent back, and the price wouldn't match up anyway!
So, Royal Mail were NOT helpful at all. I always use other companies for sending parcels off now. It's much cheaper and they haven't lost any yet (touch wood)

I had a similar problem last year, it took RM a month to get back to me with an answer, you need to send any evidence that you feel is relevant along with proof of postage. First class covers up to £20 and I believe recorded is up to £50. Also you should get the cost of postage with your compensation (I did regarding mine)

I sent a mug in the post. Well packed (what I thought anyway) and it arrived cracked. Value approx a fiver. They sent me a book of stamps. Complained and they dig their heels in and wouldn't budge. You can claim but be prepared to have £14 in stamps . Argued that I paid cash to post it so should have had at least postage refunded , still only stamps.
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