Royal Mail Monitoring and Postal Panel

Found 2nd Apr
Hi there!

Is the Royal Mail Monitoring and Postal Panel (I think that's what it's called) still active.
If so, how can I enroll?

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I do the Kantar postal panel (record post for one week in four) and get £10 a month for it in Love 2 shop vouchers.
Thanks! Do you have a link to sign up?
no you get stamps for doing this now it you just put royal mail survey/kanter it should come up its not easy to do you have to post items to a set schedule so keep that in mind before going ahead
You don’t get stamps. Also I sent emails about posting the junk mail through my door to say I don’t want it, Royal Mail have lost that many of my parcels I’ve ordered and they just give reference number. They manage to post the junk crap but not my letters
i do the tns /royal survey mail and have done for several years you get 12 first class stamps and 4 large first class stamps per month while the survey is running so you do get stamps hopes this helps and you only post to other people in the survey group so you do not post junk mail.
I'm not sure they're taking new sign ups....unless I'm mistaken. I can't find a link
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