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Found 1st May 2013
what does it generally mean when the royal mail tracking online has been stating

Please come back later

Royal Mail Signed For™ items are only tracked after the item has been delivered. Depending on whether the item was sent first or second class, this may be a few days after posting. Please try again later. Information on your item is not yet available online

does it mean that they have lost the parcel?

Parcel was posted over 2 weeks ago. I have only just checked tracking info as the recipient claims they haven't received the parcel

help appreciated
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Recorded delivery by any chance?

Either not delivered or could be that the manual delivery receipt hasn't been uploaded to the system yet. I often fund the later and it is only a month later, once I have submitted a claim for my fees back, do I get some feedback from RM or even a proof.
it means it hasnt been delivered yet - or it has and they didnt bother getting a signature


it means it hasnt been delivered yet - or it has and they didnt bother … it means it hasnt been delivered yet - or it has and they didnt bother getting a signature

Even recorded delivery items will have something along the lines:

We have your item

Item AI393434785GB was posted at NAME OF POST OFFICE on 21/08/12 and is being progressed through our network for delivery.

The above shows that something was sent. Notice the date above, how long does it take RM to upload a proof of delivery, I know the item was received but still no confirmation of delivery even after all this time. That proves how crap they are at doing their jobs

It was sent recorded delivery.
just read your posting again - it was 2 weeks ago you posted which means that they have either lost it, delivered it without getting a signature (they do that a lot with recorded (not so much with special because its insured)). Because it was so long ago that is why you have got the message - the only thing you can fo now is ask them to look in to it
Maybe they have left a card but the recipient hasn't collected it from the sorting office yet?
sounds like the old..... royal mail didnt collect a signiture so im ghonna say it didnt arrive trick

start a claim..... if i remember you have to wait 10 days
Thanks for all your replies
Ring them up and speak to someone - give them your tracking number and they can often see more information than the public can on their website. They might be able to shed some light or investigate for you.
What does it mean when tracking update is saying call back later. What does this mean? ?
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