Royal Mail Prices for 2nd Class Packages Please

Found 3rd Apr 2008
RM website is down atm and I need the prices for the packages costs. Preferably both 1st and 2nd if possible.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Sam xxx
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whats the weight
deleted55054Original Poster
I've got a variety as I'm listing books!
Weight up to - First Class - Second Class


60g 34p 23p

100g 49p 37p

150g 70p 50p

200g 84p 62p

250g 99p 75p

300g £1.14 88p

350g £1.29 £1.00

400g £1.49 £1.21

450g £1.70 £1.39

500g £1.90 £1.55

600g £2.30 £1.78

700g £2.69 £2.01

750g £2.89 £2.12

800g £3.10 --

900g £3.49 --

1000g £3.89 --

each extra 250g add 85p --
deleted55054Original Poster
Brilliant thank you
paperbacks - £1.75
hardbacks 2.95
used a bit of commonsence this is just a standard for average books
you can always go back in and change it - but dont undercharge

Brilliant thank you

Your welcome, got it off ebays guide and I know a couple of prices have changed so may be up to 2p out, but have altered the ones I know have gone up :thumbsup:
These are the new prices:

Weight up to - First Class - Second … Weight up to - First Class - Second Class---------------------------------------------60g 34p 23p100g 49p 37p150g 70p 50p200g 84p 62p250g 99p 75p300g £1.14 88p350g £1.29 £1.00400g £1.49 £1.21450g £1.70 £1.39500g £1.90 £1.55600g £2.30 £1.78700g £2.69 £2.01750g £2.89 £2.12800g £3.10 --900g £3.49 --1000g £3.89 --each extra 250g add 85p --

Hope you didnt use those prices as they are all completely wrong. Packet prices as of today until the 7th April are as follows :-

Weight(g) 1st (p) 2nd (p)
0-100g 109 92
101-250 138 120
251-500 184 152
501-750 238 192
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