Royal Mail - Pricing in Proportion

Just wondering if anyone has any leads on cardboard packing boxes that are 24mm wide (outside dimensions).

I figured some box company somewhere would have realised that there is about to be a 'massive' demand for such a box with the new mail pricing system.

As an aside does anyone have a cd box, similar to the ons you get from cdwow, at hand to measure one up for me? I've thrown all mine away.
(The slot ones with the single pieces of thin bubble wrap glues to inside top and bottom)


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Bah, it's an awful system!! I spend too much time in there as it is!!

Did you know it'll be cheaper to send a sheet of lead than it will be to send an inflated balloon?? :roll:

It's cheaper for very large parcels and large letters, but it's much dearer for small packages. Some of my eBay stuff will see a ries of 50p and upwards per item in postage. My profit margins are only about 20p an item as it is on these items so I'm just going to go out of business on there, as are many other people I guess. Yes, we could just "charge it to the buyers" as my brother so thoughtfully suggested but no one wants to pay postal charges that high.
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